What We Do:

Here at Local 2724, Buffalo Sector’s Union, we have two main goals.  

We fight for the rights of our membership

 We promote the mission of the United States Border Patrol, to protect America’s borders.

The Union defends members against arbitrary changes in work conditions that negatively affect safety, job satisfaction and quality of life as well as defending individual employees against unwarranted or overly harsh discipline and workplace harassment.

The Union fights against capricious, often politically motivated, changes in policy or regulation that impair our ability to work effectively.  Despite the constant roll-out of new initiatives, jargon and useless pet-projects, the basic mission of the Border Patrol hasn’t changed since 1924.  On land, water, and air We Patrol the Border.  We locate and apprehend anyone entering illegally between the ports of entry.  Whether their intention is terrorism, drug smuggling, or just a plain old EWI, we scoop them up by any and all means.

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Buffalo Sector Local 2724