Verizon Discount Plans for NBPC Members

Top Benefits:

22%-25% Discounts on Price Plans & Accessories

No Early Termination Fees/Activations Fees/Upgrade Fees

Upgrades every 10 months**

Pricing Options:

For Smartphones – All lines including basic phones on account will share one pool of minutes based on 400, 600, or 1000 per line.  Plan includes unlimited domestic data allowance, text, and multimedia messaging.

For Basic Phones – All lines including smartphones on account will share one pool of minutes based on 400, 600, or 1000 per line.  Only 100 text/picture/video messages allowed per month or can add unlimited for $12 per month.  No data allowance included.

Tablets & Modems – Individual mobile broadband devices include unlimited domestic data allowance.  This is NOT in any way to be used as a replacement for a traditional home or business based internet service provider.

New Verizon Customers:

To begin service we would need to first know what type of phone(s) you would like, what accessories you would like included, and what price plans as listed above.  

If you would like a new phone number, we just simply need the zip code and area code for primary use.  A new number will be issued for each device per your request and ready as soon as you activate it.

If you would like to bring your number (port) from another carrier, we need a little bit more information:

Phone number for each line porting and what device it’s going to
Full account number from old wireless provider (normally found on invoice or online bill view)
Password or Pin (NOT the online password but the last four of SSN or what you use to verify will calling into that providers customer service) 
Once you have received your new Verizon phone you will need to power off your phone from the previous provider before you turn on your new one! Once the activation is completed on your new Verizon phone your other account will shut down. Any fees or partial payments due are the members responsibility

Important Notes:

**Current Verizon contract equipment agreement remains intact; upgrades are available once the agreement is satisfied. Plan changes can occur at any time so that you may receive the best benefit!

Proration’s can/will happen when transferring or activating new lines of service

Please be advised of the effects of proration on your account when activating a new line of service or performing a transaction that will result in proration changes. (i.e. transfer from Personal to NBPC account, mid-month plan changes or adding new lines of service)